Strategy Day

Staff attended a strategy day on Tuesday 20th June at the College of Fine Arts in Paddington. It was great to spend the day with everyone outside our normal work environment and we had a busy but fun day.
It was a very productive day and here are a few things we came up with including a new vision and mission statement which are now listed on this blog.

Here are a few photos of the day including some collages we created to illustrate our role to others.




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  • yes people – eight whole hours of craft with magazine clippings and clag…

    No seriously – best strategic planning day I’ve ever been to. Thanks to Gary and Peter for organising such an inspiring day. Makes me darn proud to be a part of Digi.


  • Nic

    Yes, thanks for organising a productive and fun day. I feel more Digi-ised now and was reminded of what a great department we are, what the possibilities we are and how much fun we can have realising those possibilities.

    (please read this post with a drag queen voice for full effect)

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