Digital Storytelling – a new book out

Shilo McClean’s eagerly awaited book ‘Digital Storytelling: the narrative power of visual effects in film’ is out at last. Published by MIT press this weighty volume is an informed and practical extension of Shilo’s earlier work in the area. Her first book ‘So what’s this all about then?’ is a rare and valuable guide for producers who dare to tread into this new territory. Shilo’s work is different from many of the academic texts which cover this subject area in that it is informed by practical experience of the industry. Look out for it in your bookstore or order it from Amazon.

And if you’re interested in getting into the visual effects industry Shilo will be giving a presentation on how to put together a killer showreel on Wednesday 7th February 2007 at 7pm at the Elwyn Lynn Conference Centre at the College of Fine Arts in Selwyn St Paddington, Sydney.

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