Games/Film or Games/Architecture

Listened to a great podcast from GDC which is an interview with author and Halo screenwriter DB Weiss. This is a quote from the interview which I found particularly interesting as we’ve been talking a lot about the games/film relationship lately. Particularly interesting for production design, design of storyworlds and virtual environments. Click here to download the whole podcast.

I think games have as much if not more to do with architecture as they do to do with movies even though it seems like the current trend is to think of games as movies. I think there are a lot of extra reasons for that trend not only to do with what games are really about but rather people’s desire for some of the acutriments of Hollywood and the kind of adding a Hollywood feel to the game world, like it’s more about wanting the Hollywood parties than it is about games themselves. Obviously anyone who works in games design knows how much time is spent actually building spaces and working with the way your characters navigate those spaces. And to me that’s one of the things I enjoy most about games, something that movies will never ever give somebody, you’re never going to be able to explore a movie.

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