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Next New Media is a start up who are launching niche video services on the web with a business model built around advertising. Some big names from the early days of MTV, Nickelodeon and Time Warner are on board as are some of the investment companies which backed the original foray of MTV onto cable. I’ve previously blogged about Fred Seibert who is one of the founders of the new company and the exec producer of Channel Frederator, a podcast success story which, funnily enough, is going to feature as one of the Next New Media channels. Chris Anderson has been telling us about the long tail for a while now and it looks like Next New Media may be one of the first well packaged offerings that begins to explore the territory on the fringe of cable. The founders certainly inspire confidence and they’ve found a gap in the advertising market that You Tube and My Space don’t seem to be able to capture. Can’t help wondering if they’ll push it far enough – niche content is fine but I’d be curious to see how the new services interact with their audiences.

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