The game has changed

Connectivity is changing everything. Have been looking at some presentations from the Austin GDC conference and one slide of Raph Koster’s presentation stood out for me.

The game has changed
The hot platform is the net
The hot audience is the non-gamer
The hot feature is other players
The hot technology is connectivity
The hot game is a mini-game

I wonder if these rules then actually apply to all media types now. Maybe that ‘non gamer’ is our traditional TV viewer (deserting the tele in droves) and the ‘mini game’ is any kind of social networking application that compels audiences to interact with one another around content or common interests.

The principles of gameplay are becoming critical to engaging audiences in any type of media consumption.

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  • col

    Hmm, interesting. I’d say maybe – they might be getting the eyeballs but are these people going to fork out $60 – $100 for a game?

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