Remember Thirtysomething?

Well I do. Tells you something about my age. Just watched the new online serial Quarterlife from the creators of the original Thirtysomething series. Got to say it’s the most compelling drama I’ve seen online. A lot of the others like Lonelygirl15, Kate Modern and PSTrixi were aimed very much at a teen girl demographic. More like Neighbours than Secret Life of Us. It’s been running online since the 11th November and NBC have picked it up and will broadcast the ten minute episodes after they have premiered online. MySpace are in there as a major partner probably in the same way that Bebo got behind Kate Modern in the UK. We may be seeing a new trend of social networks commissioning video drama to drive conversations and community around the content. Another one like this is Afterworld which premiered on Sony’s social networking portal Acid Planet and migrated to the Sci Fi Channel. The visual style is pretty bare for broadcast television but it works well on the web.

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  • col

    Hey! I’m a 30something guy and I like Neighbours – it’s slyly subversive 🙂

    Haven’t seen Quarterlife yet but the online buzz so far hasn’t been exuberant – but I’ll give it a burl.

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