Sir Ken does it again

3570012810_cd7c428d2a-1Another great speech by Sir Ken Robinson is now up on the RSA site and can be found here. Sir Ken has a very enlightened view of education that goes beyond many of the commonly accepted divides – vocational vs academic, back to basics vs. liberal free-for-all – and urges that we embrace complexity to best nuture talent, encourage innovation and a life long love of learning. It’s a thought provoking talk that, like all the best educational experiences, is engaging to listen to.  But the message is very important: that rigid systems of education are not necessarily the way forward.  The metaphor of education as an organic process rather than a linear route from A to B is something that is way too rarely heard. Encouraging the development of skills that are matched to the talents and passions of the students is key to good education. Whew, it’s not all brussel sprouts after all. Photo by Sebastiaan Ter Burg.

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