Is emerging media part of your routine?

multiThere’s certainly a groundswell of interest in emerging media from TV and radio broadcasters, telcos, converged media companies, digital agencies and even the  funding agencies. A lot has changed in three years and there is now much more openness to considering content propositions which aren’t limited to a single media platform or format. But I still sense a reticence from producers to embracing the full impact of the 360 degree media environment we now live in and alot of that has to do with how busy they are every day. There is a lot to be learned by immersing yourself in social networks, trawling the online world to discover the latest innovations in the field and learning the skills to make these new forms a reality. Building in the time to immerse yourself in this world can be tricky to fit into your everyday routine so we’re trying to address this by launching a new post grad program which is delivered on evenings and weekends. More information about our Multi Platform Content course can be found here on the LAMP site. No more ads now I promise.

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