Is there a copyright future?


In late May I attended a great conference on Copyright Future - Copyright Freedom held at Old Parliament House in Canberra which featured a keynote talk by Stanford University Professor Lawrence who is pictured above. One session of the conference was run in the old House of Representatives chamber and many of the speakers were [...]

School of Everything

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I'm working on a new suite of courses at AFTRS at the moment and talking to lots of people in the industry and also potential students about the kinds of programs they think we should run. Heard something interesting on Future Tense (ABC Radio National) about the School of Everything which got me thinking differently [...]

Sir Ken does it again


Another great speech by Sir Ken Robinson is now up on the RSA site and can be found here. Sir Ken has a very enlightened view of education that goes beyond many of the commonly accepted divides - vocational vs academic, back to basics vs. liberal free-for-all - and urges that we embrace complexity to [...]

Mobile Aps big thing at MIT


MIT has put students to work creating mobile applications for the iphone and android platforms among others. The results look impressive after a 13 week development period. They're predicting that creating this kind of application is only going to get easier over time. Read the article and see a selection of the applications featured here. [...]

Make it


On Friday we launched a new range of courses at AFTRS to be run in 2009. More information can be found here. Among the new courses are Graduate Diplomas in Game Design, Animation Directing and Virtual Worlds. The unique approach of these courses is to share core coursework in Directing Concepts and Skills, Emerging Media [...]

Experience Design


Recently we have been brainstorming concepts and furiously writing new curriculum which we are going to teach at AFTRS in 2009. The work we have been doing at our Laboratory of Advanced Media Production has been influencing many of our new offerings in games, virtual environments and more generally in screen content. The process of [...]