An Integrated Digital Media Production Industry

I attended some of the masterclasses run by Autodesk at the beginning of the inaugural Games Connect: Asia Pacific conference held in Brisbane last week. It was refreshing to listen to some of the young artists giving presentations about their work where it was evident they move seamlessly between games and the film and television spheres. Games cinematics are an obvious area of cross over and the quality and 2K resolution of the work screened certainly indicated they have moved to a new level. One artist spoke to me about how he had just come off a prominent feature film project and was now working on a next-gen game where he was required to actually work at an even higher level of visual detail. It’s encouraging to see multiskilled artists emerging but wouldn’t it be great to see more Australian companies doing work across the games/film/TV divide. Pioneers like Weta and Lucasfilm are making inroads in this area but some Australian innovation in this area would go some way towards future proofing our industry.

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