Viral Crocodiles

New Australian feature film Black Water is getting good critical acclaim in Europe and has just been released in Australia. Made by Australian filmmakers Andrew Traucki and David Nerlich it has reportedly already made its money back, a rarity for any Australian film. This is one of the viral videos being used to promote the film. You can find more under the user decembergirl888 on You Tube. It’s an effective campaign and the film consistently comes up high in search rankings for ‘crocodile movie’ which is an achievement in itself seeing as Crocodile Dundee and more recently Rogue were much bigger players. One of the Black Water team used to work for Yahoo and the other is a deft hand at visual effects. Good to see all their hard work beginning to pay off for them.

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  • syms covington

    very cool. of course they had more to roll out except the distributors were too scared to give the film a run in case they run the risk of actually making money.

    distributors need to keep up their bizarre tax scam where they only make money when their films don’t turn a profit. yes, that must be it! what else could explain death defying acts?

  • peter.giles

    I guess it’s the same in the digital world – that the big aggregators of content are the ones raking it in. Might be a new bunch of distributors but I suspect their motives will remain the same

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