G’zillions ‘a glitz

zillionI’ve been flicking through the MIPTV news after our very own home grown Scorched.tv picked up a Digital Emmy® award yesterday. MIPTV is a glitzy event and the Scorched.tv team certainly had their moment in the sun but I couldn’t help notice the glare of ZillionTV splashed across blog posts and twitter feeds and of course it turns out they’re the Gold Sponsor of this year’s Digital Emmy® Awards.
So who are ZillionTV and what do they want? If you go to their web site they describe their impressive array of partners like this:

Charlie had his Angels. We’ve got our own team to make it all happen, and that includes content providers, television commerce gurus, and yes, even advertisers.

It certainly seems they do and content partners include Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox and, as they announced at MIPTV, the Weinstein Company. Not a bad collection of partners all keen to beam their product via high speed internet to a TV near you. And what’s more the service is going to be free, supported by personalised advertising, tailored to your very own psychographic tastes. Sounds like the Hollywood distribution monopoly is going to morph into another form, if the g’zillions of investment dollars behind it continue to hold.

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