Cate Blanchett at Screen Worlds


Yesterday I attended the opening of Screen Worlds, a new exhibition space at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne. A massive crowd assembled to hear Ms Blanchett launch the show along with Victorian Premiere John Brumby. It’s a spectacular exhibition that profiles the development of film and television, games and interactive media with a big focus on Australian work. It’s an overdue refresh of the ACMI space at the Flinders St level which never really worked for me. The old space always looked empty and the technology tired and exhibits a bit long in the tooth. ACMI needs to be renewed pretty regularly as its design incorporates so many screens and technologies -with the pace of technological change it’s amost as if the building has a built in obsolesce. Screen Worlds does well in refreshing the invigorating the space and is brimming with the latest technologies, touch interface interactive video tables, screens of all shapes and sizes. It’s a very creatively put together show which somehow manages to incorporate the wizz bangery but focus on the content, the artistry and the fun of the business. Well worth getting along to see it if you’re in central Melbourne.

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  • Nice photo, great that she is looking at you in a ‘who-do-you-think-you-are-taking-my-photo’ kind of way 🙂 BTW think you spell Cate’s name this way ‘Cate Blanchett’ ? Or were your Frenchifying it for a reason?

  • peter.giles

    oops, will change the spelling

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