New Switch Centre Launch


I attended the launch of the new Information, Cultural Exchange ICE/SWITCH centre in Parramatta this week and was inspired by the creative energy and commitment I witnessed. I've worked with a lot of people who have been active in Parramatta digital arts and culture over the years and ICE or SWITCH usually figures in their [...]

Online Strategy for the Arts

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I spoke today on a panel at the Australia Council for the Arts looking broadly at the futures of online engagement by arts organisations. The opening presentation of the day was given by Stephanie Hutchinson who set up the ‘Discover’ education programs at the National Theatre in the UK. I was really inspired to hear [...]

Games Creation Made Easy


I just bought an HD video camera from Big W for $148. Thank God the Flip phenomena of cheap flash card video cameras has finally crossed the Pacific from the US. Mine came directly from China, another brand variant but no doubt there will be others and the price point will continue to drop. The ubiquity [...]

Is emerging media part of your routine?


There's certainly a groundswell of interest in emerging media from TV and radio broadcasters, telcos, converged media companies, digital agencies and even the  funding agencies. A lot has changed in three years and there is now much more openness to considering content propositions which aren't limited to a single media platform or format. But I [...]

Cate Blanchett at Screen Worlds


Yesterday I attended the opening of Screen Worlds, a new exhibition space at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne. A massive crowd assembled to hear Ms Blanchett launch the show along with Victorian Premiere John Brumby. It's a spectacular exhibition that profiles the development of film and television, games and interactive media [...]

Garma: both-ways learning

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I’ve just returned from four days at the Garma Festival held at Gulkula in the Gove Penninsula of Arnhem Land. An initiative of the Yothu Yindi Foundation, Garma  is now in its 11th year and attracts over 2000 people to this remote location in the heart of the traditional lands of the Yolngu people. The [...]