The Dallas Buyer’s Club: How to monetize a BitTorrent release window

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Dallas Buyer’s Club have launched an innovative new digital business model in Australia that promises to turn around decreasing income for movies caused by declining cinema audiences and low VOD licensing fees. Rather than release their Oscar winning movie at the same time as in the United States the studio decided to wait a few [...]

Forget Art Let’s Watch the Footy


I attended a roundtable session today called ‘Content Crisis and Convergence’ run by QUT’s Centre for Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation. For me it was a blast from the past. Debates I hadn’t heard aired since 2007 seem to be back from the dead. Sadly we don’t seem to have moved on substantially. Self [...]

Online Strategy for the Arts

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I spoke today on a panel at the Australia Council for the Arts looking broadly at the futures of online engagement by arts organisations. The opening presentation of the day was given by Stephanie Hutchinson who set up the ‘Discover’ education programs at the National Theatre in the UK. I was really inspired to hear [...]

Is emerging media part of your routine?


There's certainly a groundswell of interest in emerging media from TV and radio broadcasters, telcos, converged media companies, digital agencies and even the  funding agencies. A lot has changed in three years and there is now much more openness to considering content propositions which aren't limited to a single media platform or format. But I [...]

“If it doesn’t exist online, it doesn’t exist”


I attended a conference run by the Australia Council and the ABC today called Revealing the Arts. OK, there's a long way to go here, but it didn't really come together and you got the feeling by the end of the day that the gap between the 'geeks' and the 'luvvies' is here to stay. Rights [...]

Whai Whai Sydney?


In November 2006 NSW Premier Morris Iemma announced that Sydney would roll out a free wifi network claiming that it would boost business in the city. There's been a lot of water under the bridge since then in NSW politics and in May 2008 they finally announced that this grand vision, along with many others, [...]