Emotional Games


I instantly fell in love with Jenova Chen's game FlOw when I first played it last year. It's such a contemplative experience to play the game - a rare thing in an increasingly accellerated and anxiety ridden world. Tonight I discovered Jenova's earlier game Cloud which he completed while a student at USC. I had [...]

7th Son!


I'm now a commuter and becoming an avid podcast listener while traveling to and from work. My journey has been particularly quick the last few weeks as I've become totally addicted to JC Hutchins' 7th Son. Have even found myself having 'driveway moments' sitting in the car waiting to hear the end of an episode [...]

Experience Design


Recently we have been brainstorming concepts and furiously writing new curriculum which we are going to teach at AFTRS in 2009. The work we have been doing at our Laboratory of Advanced Media Production has been influencing many of our new offerings in games, virtual environments and more generally in screen content. The process of [...]

The End of Big Media?

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Raph Koster is the author of the book 'A Theory of Fun' and presents some groundbreaking ideas in a GDC Podcast titled 'Where Game Meets the Web'. Raph's blog can be found here. The linear media industries have been hearing about all the implications of Web 2.0 for the past two years and it's taking [...]

LAMP VI hits the spot


We're currently in the midst of running our sixth LAMP cross media prototyping residential in Freycinet, Tasmania. It has been a very lively and challenging experience with creative teams taking part from a wide range of backgrounds with a dynamic team of mentors and developers. We've been very lucky to work with Tony Walsh, a [...]

Writing for Games


We have recently been putting a lot of thought into how we best engage with games in our educational programs. As a media school it's overdue that we make a more serious engagement with a form of media that is becoming more potent every day. But should our post graduate courses train game artists to [...]