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pauschI’m not a huge Oprah fan but this is an amazing video from a courageous and inspiring man called Randy Pausch giving his ‘last lecture’. I’ve blogged about Randy Pausch before – he is one of the founders of the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center and was jointly responsible for developing an amazing and forward looking educational program. It doesn’t get much more public than appearing on Oprah but Randy bravely confronts knowledge of his impending death of pancreatic cancer and reflects on the importance of keeping childhood dreams alive. A fuller version of the lecture was delivered at Carnegie Mellon in September 2007 and can be found here and it has lots of detail about the ETC program. Randy continues his battle against this horrible disease and you can follow his progress here Photograph by Wil P.

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  • Bobbie-Ann Murphy

    I was thinking about Professor Randy Pausch who died today. He was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and has a website if you are interested in reading about his life. Dr. Pausch made such an impact on the profession of teaching and his, “Last Lectures,” series has got me thinking about what is truly important. (You can view his last lecture on youtube) Dr. Randy talked about giving back and more importantly, having fun and enjoying the journey.

    In nursing we are afforded such incredible opportunities to make a difference and to focus people on what is truly important. Randy did more in his last two years to touch humanity then most people do all of their lives. He loved what he did and was so appreciative of the opportunities which life had given him.

    Yesterday I was offered a position by a large respected university in southern California. I am humbled by their offer which includes a chance to obtain a PhD. I hope I can continue to make an impact on my profession and students. I want to end my life in a similar manner with a great sense of appreciation and pride, knowing that I have made a difference.

    Dr. Randy Pausch also exhorted people to be themselves. Dr. Seuss wrote this quote which Randy and I have always embraced. “Be yourself! Those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.”

    Thank you and God bless you Dr. Randy Pausch, for your commitment to excellence and fun. Your life proved that these two powerful forces are not mutually exclusive.

    Bobbie-Ann Murphy,MHA,RN
    Nursing Faculty

  • peter.giles

    It’s sad to hear that Randy passed away, he certainly put up a stellar fight. It does make you re-examine your own priorities in life.

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